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Reader x Teen Titans Chapter 3


-'Daisy's Diner huh? Sounds nice.' With that you went in, took a seat, and looked over the menu.-


Looking at the menu, you didn't really want to spend too much money. If you did that then you’d run out sooner than you would want. You needed to savour what you had because you know that it wouldn’t regenerate and you’d have to get a job. That was a bad thing. You couldn’t get a job because then that would require you to give out your personal information and that would make you traceable by anyone who was smart enough to find the records.

‘I’ve considered giving out fake information, but then that would have to be done carefully, and if at any moment I became distracted and someone asks me a question, I could easily give out the wrong information, confusing myself and ruining my cover.’
Scanning over the menu for the second time and actually taking in the information you were reading, the waitress that was working at the time started walking over to me with a pot of freshly made coffee. Something that was much needed in your eyes considering it was still early for you.

Your P.O.V

“Mornin’ sweet cheeks, can I get ya’ some coffee?” She looked like she was in her forties, and had worked here for a while. She sounded nice. Black hair pulled into a bun, a few greys and brown eyes. She was wearing what I assumed was the uniform of the place. Sky blue buttoned up, short sleeve shirt, a white, knee-length skirt, white apron that started from the waist and white trainers.

“Uhh, y-yes please.” Jeez, why am I so bad at talking to people! I have so much to say in my mind but when it comes to speaking out loud to people directly I just freeze up.

She just gave me a weird look, and then smiled to herself and shook her head a few times. I knew this action. She had realized that I’m uncomfortable around other people, but she didn’t see me as an abnormal person, she just accepted it and moved on. She then got me a cup from the counter bar and filled it with coffee. I don’t actually like the stuff, I just need the caffeine, usually in these situations I just drink a fizzy drink or energy drink, but it’s way too early for that.

As the kind employee walked away, something happened. Something that I had missed in my calculations and evaluations. Something that I had never thought would happen. The infamous team of superheroes, the exact same ones I am trying to avoid, walk into the diner. The Teen Titans. I wasn’t even facing them, in fact I was sat facing the opposite wall of the building. But it was their presence. Most normal people wouldn’t be able to sense it, but I’m different. It was too easy to feel the change in atmosphere as the normal/ average people eating here suddenly became overjoyed as the City’s personal heroes entered.

What am I going to do? I can’t let them notice me, which means I can’t just get up and leave. I’ve only just got here myself, it would be unusual to just get up and leave again, especially since I just got a cup of coffee as well. Damn. Don’t panic, that’ll only bring attention to yourself.

Raven’s P.O.V

“Good morning Daisy, how have you been?” Robin greeted as the rest of us went to sit at a table. This is stupid, who goes out for a group breakfast these days?

“Why hello there Robby, it’s good to see you, I’ll take your order in just a moment”, the old woman replied. Thus, Robin came over to where we were sat. On one it was Starfire, Beastboy in the middle and Cyborg nearest the window. I was sat opposite them next to the window and Robin came and sat next to me.

The four of them just talked about random and irrelevant things while I just sat and read my book.

That’s when it hit me. An overwhelming sense, but I’m unsure of what it is exactly. I’ve never really felt anything like it before, it’s stronger than any of my teams presences, and definitely stronger than mine. (Obviously ever since I felt it, I haven’t really concentrated on the situations in front of me.)

“Hey, Raven? You looked…shocked, what’s wrong?” Robin asked me the question, but by judging by the way everyone was staring me, I knew the face I was making was very unlike me.

“…Robin, there’s an emergency, stay quiet and act natural while I try and figure something out”, he nodded, unsure, but he knew to trust me.

I closed my eyes and meditated to search for the source of this feeling. In my mind, I can see the inside of the diner perfectly, but in black and white. I sent my dark energy raven to search the room. Found you. It’s a person sat on the other side of the diner, a girl? I can’t tell with their hood up. Coming out of meditation, I open my eyes and gently poked Robin’s arm. He looked at me and I nodded in the direction of the source.

Beastboy’s P.O.V

Raven is definitely acting weird. She POKED Robin’s arm, and nodded as if to point at a person across the Diner. From where we were sat, it was the back of a figure, looks like a girl, with their hood up. Who has their hood up in a building???

“Yo Ray, stop with this weird act and tell us what’s up!” My man Cyborg asks the scary girl. She really does give me the creeps sometimes, even though it is just Raven.

“Yes friend Raven, you are not acting like one's self”, this time it was Starfire to comment. I’m just not going to say anything, because I will probably just get called an idiot or something.

Robin’s P.O.V

“Well, that person has an extremely strong wavelength (A/N I didn’t know what else to call it).  I’ve never felt anything like it before, which means that they’re new here in Jump City, or have avoided us all this time. I can’t tell whether they’re dangerous or not. It may be a potential threat” Raven said bluntly. That explains the weird behaviour, she doesn’t know how to react.

I need to think about this carefully. Do we confront them? Do we leave them and allow a potential threat to walk the City. And if what Raven said is true, and they are new, why come here? And if they have been avoiding us, then that is definitely a red flag.

“Hey dudes”,  Beastboy interrupted my train of thought, “whatever you’re thinking of doing, plan quick, because our newest suspect is about to leave!”

Your P.O.V

Right, I’ve finished my coffee, this means I can leave. Standing up, I place the money on the table and swiftly walk out. I know they’re on to me. I wish I didn’t have to avoid them as if I were a criminal, but I just can’t risk it. I can’t run, because if by chance they haven’t noticed me, I’ll only be drawing attention to myself. I’ll walk the opposite direction, that way I won’t have to walk past the window they’re sat by.

Go, go, go. GO. Come on, this street seems to be going on forever.


Crap. Who is it? Are they talking to me? I turn around slowly, facing the one and only leader of the Teen Titans, Robin. Why is he by himself? Damn. I’m surrounded. I guess they did notice me. Robin in front. Cyborg behind. Starfire to my left. Beastboy to my right. Raven just behind Robin. Analysing me. Watching my every move. Isn’t this a little overboard?


“Well, it looks like I was finally figured out. I should have known that I wouldn’t be able to hide forever. Well, you’ve surrounded me, I guess you have some questions huh?” Responding to the wonder boy, I want to act as cool and collected as possible. Although I still have my stoic expression, that’s practically a part of me.

“Who are you and how long have you been in Jump City?” The first question he asks and it’s in actual fact two questions. He’s impatient and straight to the point. Fine.

“My name is..”, I hesitated, though, I don’t really have much of a choice right now,
“_______ ________, and I’ve been in Jump City for about a year now.” I don’t wish to give away any irrelevant information, like my powers. I can still slip away from them if I make them think I’m just an ordinary person. And if I’m to escape, the best way to go would be to my right, through Beastboy; I hear he can be clumsy, and quite stupid to be brutally honest. Escaping is just plan B though.

The leader asked his next question, “If you’ve been here for a year, how come we’ve never seen or heard of you before?”

That was a stupid question. “I don’t know, I’m not really the type to socialise, plus, I’m not really a big fan of crowded places. I guess you’ve just never been around me huh?”

“What are you?” Now that was a good question. I don’t think I can even give him a truthful answer, because I just don’t know the answer.

“I’m human, I think. Although many people may disagree with that. So what’s the deal, how come I’m being interrogated?” Personally, I didn’t really like being questioned, especially since they keep on getting more and more personal.

A slight wind blew. Though, it was strong enough to catch my hood, releasing my ___h/l___ ___h/c___. My hair now flowing in the wind.

This time, it was Raven who spoke up, “You’re not normal, you’re different to normal people. There is something about you that just screams danger. And I don’t trust you.”

Now I’m angry. My ___e/c___ eyes probably now glowing slightly. “What is normal? Can you define it? Can you tell me what abnormality is? And what do you mean you can’t trust me? You don’t even know me.”

“Woah, DUDE! Her eyes are glowing?! Can anybody else see that or is it just me?” Beastboy had interrupted, earning a glare from Raven, Robin and me, probably the other two teammates too, but I can’t see them right now.

“Trust is something that is built, so of course I don’t trust you. What is it that you’re hiding?” Raven continued the interrogation.

“I’m not hiding anything. I haven’t had a reason to show you anything, not to mention the fact that I don’t have to. I’ve done nothing wrong, and there is no reason for you to keep asking questions, or for me to even answer them.” My reply is blunt, and to be honest, I’m just growing tired of the conversation.

Now it was back to Robin. “No, you’re right, you haven’t done anything wrong, but if you are a potential threat to the City, then I couldn’t just let you roam around free.” That makes sense, I guess. “But we will be keeping an eye on you from now on though, ________”.

Great. I didn’t reply, I had nothing else to say, so I just started to walk away, towards and past Cyborg. Walking back home. I’m suddenly feeling exhausted.

Robin’s P.O.V

What a strange girl, you can tell that she thinks differently from other people too. How have we never come across her in the past year? Anyway…

“Cyborg, did you complete the plan?” I asked the technician of the team.

“Hell yeah! With this baby, we’ll be able to pinpoint her location where ever she goes, even if she leaves the country. Hopefully, she shouldn’t find the tracker, I put it on the bottom rim of her hoodie as she walked past. I’m actually quite proud of myself and my stealth!”, Was his reply.

Good, now we can get answers to the questions we didn’t manage to ask. _______ _______ huh? Now I am intrigued.
Here it is, chapter 3, just a little late, I apologise for that, college has been heavy recently.
I do not own the Teen Titans, and you own you.

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